Are Your Chakras Really Closed?

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
March 5, 2013.

Can we really survive if our energy source is cut off? It seems unlikely. Yet many people talk about a chakra being closed. Usually this means that the energy from that whirling vortex is in a tamasic (dull, lazy) state and moving very slowly, almost to the point of not moving at all. When that happens, we are not accessing the information that is being given to us. When the chakra begins to spin at a higher vibration, the energy moves more freely; and we are, then, able to access that precious information.

A major reason for a chakra seeming to slow down is that physical or mental tension becomes the chakra’s main output of energy. The other thing that occludes the chakras is negative emotion—especially fear, which constricts the base chakra and, therefore, does not allow the energy to move upward.

When we free the body, the mind, and the emotions from fear, there’s no need to consciously open the chakras. It will happen naturally. If a flower has water and sun it will open. It is the same with chakras, but their nourishment comes from elsewhere. Asana (yoga poses), breathing practices, imagery, selfless service, meditation—these all help balance and expand the chakras.

This happens with animals, too; and they access their chakra energy with an ease we might envy. If your cat or dog gets pregnant and then has a litter, who tells her what to do? No one! Why? How does she know? We say it’s instinct. What is instinct? It’s memory that has been stored somewhere, in the chakra—in this case, the first and second chakra. So, the mother animal has the information. No one says to her, “You seem to be pregnant, why don’t you go to a doctor?” She knows something special is happening in her body, and her body prepares for it, just as a human woman’s body prepares.

But we humans seem to have lost touch with our instinct memory. We need extra help to know what to do. So we have to go to natural childbirth classes and be taught how to do a basic, natural function. The animals are very much in touch with their instincts and don’t need to do that.

Through the yoga practices, our chakras naturally expand. Our own awareness expands, and we become more in tune with all the information we carry within.


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