Have You Seen Your Chakras?

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by Nischala Joy Devi. February 12, 2013.

Have you ever seen your own chakras?

Most of us, at least in our everyday lives, are not aware that we are seeing chakras, seeing energies. We give them unusual names because we think they are extraordinary things to see. In actuality, we just don’t have the focus of vision to see them properly. It’s not that they are so extraordinary; it’s just we tend to keep our focus on other areas.

Imagine this scene: Walking along the street, you are focused on looking down at the beautiful flowers. Because your gaze is elsewhere, you don’t experience the colorful hot-air balloon above. Your friend, walking with you, glances up, sees the hot-air balloon go by and tells you about it. You might say, “I didn’t see it,” or, you might even try to deny its existence. Many of us think that if we do not perceive something with our external senses it is not real. The same can be said about the energy centers or chakras. Once we become aware and then attune to them, we are able to see them with the inner eye, sense them or even feel energy in particular areas of our bodies, our minds and the workings of our lives.

The Sanskrit word “chakra” means “wheel.” The early seers, in their deep meditation, recognized chakras as energy centers and, when brought back to the conscious level, described them as wheels. In essence, they are much more than wheels and more than disks. Imagine them as whirling vortexes of energy—similar to our sun. When we see a picture or photograph of the sun, it looks like a disk. Yet, when we are able to see a close-up of the sun through a telescope, we can see that it is constantly erupting with pulsating energy whirling all around it. In that way, a chakra is or appears to be similar to the sun.

In our quest for life on earth we must first have a custom made physical body. We begin as two cells coming together. One, the largest cell in the female body; and the other, the smallest cell in the male body. When the cells touch and begin their dance of life the early cells are undifferentiated. As they begin to differentiate, the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of us need to be fed information by our chakras. The chakras contain all the information that we have gathered throughout our existence in time, all the memories. In a way, it’s like a computer disk. When you look at a computer disk, it doesn’t look like much, just a piece of plastic. When put in its proper place in the computer, like magic, information is revealed. When we know how to decode the disk, we uncover all the information. Our chakras act like the disks for building our bodies, minds, emotions and life.

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