Learning to Play the Chakras

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
February 5, 2013.

A worn and abandoned violin lay on the table at a local auction. The humiliation of being given the price tag of $50.00 seemed to make it even less attractive. The auctioneer tried to encourage the bidding to start. “Who will buy this wonderful violin? Surely, someone could take it home and fix it up.” Still, the room was silent.

From the back of the room came a man who seemed to match the condition of the violin—tattered and shabby in appearance, strong in determination. He gestured to the auctioneer that he would like to play the violin. Not seeing that anymore harm could be done, with a nod the auctioneer gave permission.

The squeaks and sounds of tuning were quickly replaced with glorious sounds and harmonies. Silence fell on the previously skeptical audience. Suddenly, one man sprang to his feet. “I’ll give $100 for the violin.” “I’ll take it for $200,” said another. And one person after another popped up to make a bid. When the gavel finally struck, the sum of $10,000 dollars had won. What was the change? An ordinary violin became a master instrument with the touch of the master’s hand.

The Cosmic Flute
Take a long empty hollow tube made of bamboo, wood, metal or even flesh and bone. Place some openings at various strategic places. All in all it is still not much more than a hollow, empty tube. The simple shape allows for the passage of air or vital life force to flow through it. At a prescribed time, with divine orchestration, energy starts to move through a particular instrument. When energy is breathed through the simple tube, it becomes a musical instrument.

The energy is being blown into the flute. If you just hold it, it doesn’t make a sound. That happens only when you start to play it. Put a little pressure on one spot, let up on the other, you start to get a melody. And the people who get the most beautiful melody are the people who have awareness of how to play it properly. This is what the chakras are about—playing the melody, keeping it clean. You have to clean a flute constantly; you don’t want it to get mucked up. Because, if it does, you can’t get a beautiful sound from it.

As the energy flows in, it is played by a maestro called Life. Sometimes one note will be played and sometimes another. And, so, the symphony has begun.

We are all flutes in that same way. The openings to allow the different notes and various energies to flow are our energy centers or chakras.

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