Spark The Remembrance of Who You Really Are

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
December 2, 2014.

Before we begin to formulate a word or even a thought, a feeling is experienced that stems from a vibration. This vibration that triggers the feeling is then translated into a thought, a thought to a word, a word to writing–a complex process that happens in a heartbeat. When we read, the word is connected to a thought, which then traces back to a feeling or sensation. It happens so quickly and often that we fail to notice that each thought is the outgrowth of a feeling.

We see this phenomenon echoed in the formation of our physical bodies; the heart forms much before the brain. The process begins with the joining of the egg and the sperm; then the process of replication produces undifferentiated cells. Within a few short weeks of embryonic development, the cells begin to differentiate, and with those first specialized cells a tiny heart is formed. This early formation of the heart allows us as new beings to be guided by the rhythm of the spirit, and it is from the heart that feelings are born, flowing through us into each cell.

The brain, thought to be the provider of thoughts, develops much later than the heart. The heart remains independent to its rhythm until near the time of birth, when the central nervous system takes over the regulation of the heart. From then on the heart is reliant on the brain; and, subsequently, feelings seem to combine with thoughts and become virtually indistinguishable.

Yet when we feel something deeply, our ability to convey our experience in words lessons. Enraptured by the beauty of the magnificent sunset, our thoughts are stilled. We may find ourselves explaining to others, “Words can’t describe such a deep feeling!” Given the extraordinary difficulty of putting transformational feelings or divinity into words, it’s easy to understand why rational thinking becomes dominant. We then superimpose the organizational structure of the physical world onto the spiritual realm, for lack of an adequately delicate design. Trying to express the subtle in mundane terms, we are perplexed. For this reason the Nadidhyasana (experiencing) aspect of the study of the yoga sutras can be the most vital.

By honoring our feelings and the intuitive places of our being, we create the deep union between the heart and the soul. We can then spark the remembrance of who we really are, not just mirror the physical reality.

Namaste ❤

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