The Magic Wand: Our Intuitive Wisdom

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
August 27, 2014.

Difficulties manifest because we do not understand that everything in this natural world changes and cannot be slowed, halted, or possessed. The only thing we can hold on to is the knowledge of the True Self.

Once upon a time there was a great queen. Graced by realizing the eternal truth that ultimately she could not possess anything, she decided to free all her possessions. She issued a proclamation to the entire principality, offering her worldly goods to anyone who wanted them. The only restriction was that the treasures would not leave the palace until after the stroke of five o’clock on the appointed day.

It was four fifty-five on the day of this great giveaway, and all were eagerly standing by their selected prizes. A strange and imposing woman entered the palace. The queen greeted her and immediately apologized because everything of value had already been claimed. This did not faze the woman in the least; just before the stroke of five, she took her place next to the queen and inquired calmly, “Your Majesty, when you said everything in the palace was to be given away, did that also include you?”

Surprised and bewildered, the Queen stammered, “I did say everything. I guess that means me too.”

Then, the woman said boldly, “I choose you!”

“But why,” asked the amazed queen, “would you want me? I am now penniless.”

Embracing the queen at the exact stroke of five, the woman proclaimed, “Everyone stop where you are! No one is to leave the palace until all the treasures are returned to their rightful places.” Laughing, she continued to enlighten the people. “You went for the small trinkets, but I have chosen the greatest treasure of all, the queen. Because when I possess her, I possess everything!”

It is not only the material possessions that we want to hold on to, but also the desire for our bodies and minds to either stay the same or be different from what they are. When we are young, we want to look and act grown-up. When we are grading, we add color so we can look younger. Once we realize that everything in nature changes, we liberate ourselves from wanting to be different than they actually are. We enjoy every moment.

An interesting way to observe this phenomenon is to browse through a photo album that captures you from childhood up to the present day. Start at the beginning and try to remember how you felt and thought at that moment in time. You may not remember as far back as infancy, but notice at what age the memories start. Then, progressively go through the photos noting how you felt at those frozen moments in your story. Observe the snapshots of yourself on your first day of school or at a ballet lesson. Even though the body size is smaller and your wants and needs may differ, isn’t there something deep inside you that feels the same? Can you detect a similar awareness weaving through your entire life? There is an interior sameness, which never changes, a presence watching and guiding us. It is our intuitive wisdom.

If we trust our intuitive wisdom, everything can be enjoyable because we have found the magic wand to convert everything that life brings into joy.

Namaste. ❤

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