Imagery: All Things Are Possible

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
September 7, 2013.

A great story of healing came from a dear friend who was out for a walk on a wintry day. She stopped in the library; and, by the time she departed, the weather had turned to freezing rain and sleet. Putting her coat over her head to protect her from the elements, she proceeded to dash across the street. The oncoming car’s windows were a bit foggy, and my friend’s coat was gray. When the car finally stopped, Mary was down on the ground, unable to move her legs.

The confusion that followed was foggier than the windshield. Before long, Mary was in bed with her two broken legs suspended from the ceiling by pulleys. There were threats of amputation and the certainty that she would never be able to walk again without the aid of crutches.

Mary’s long-term yoga practice kept her close to the knowledge that all things are possible. She understood from a deep level the necessity to keep the energy moving. She wanted to get up and stretch, to move the energy around and to do the poses she so diligently practiced on a daily basis. None of this was physically possible. She allowed herself to go into a deep relaxation and asked herself the question “What would Nischala Devi tell me to do?” The answer surfaced. “Put on the tape and imagine that you are doing all the poses.” And so she did.

Slowly and with concentration she did each pose in her mind’s eye. Just as she had completed her first session, coincidentally, I called her on the phone. Not as surprised as she could’ve been at my call, she laughed and told me the message she had gotten from me before the phone call came. She told me how great she now felt. I encouraged her to do the same imagery twice a day until she was fully recovered. The rest of the story is a happy one. She regained full use of both legs, and even the slight limp that remained is now gone.

In this case, Mary used passive imagery to heal her whole being, removing the injuries as well as the fear and anger from her body and mind. She could have also used active imagery followed by passive. The important part is her mind never wavered from seeing herself walking on her own.

Through imagery, disease dissipates and health re-emerges; and we feel whole and complete.

Try Passive Imagery

Assume a comfortable relaxed position. Allow your eyes to close. Bring the awareness to the breath. Observe it gently flowing in and out. Use the inhalation to draw you inward to a place of stillness and peace.

From that place of stillness, encourage the healing energy to move through the body and the mind in the form of light, color, or just a feeling. This energy will allow the creation of a balance that brings health and wholeness. Observe how this energy seeks out and embraces specific areas. Notice how the energy permeates each cell and is welcomed. Listen and observe any messages that may be given and how that healing energy makes that part of the body feel.

Allow the healing energy to slowly expand and embrace the entire body, infusing each organ and cell in the body. Observe as the healing energy slowly infuses each thought in the mind. Observe the feeling of peace and wholeness.

Expand the healing energy as it moves past the periphery of your own body to engulf and cushion you in healing energy.

Slowly and gently return to the stillness within, the wellspring of healing energy. Observe the gentle breath and gradually deepen the inhalation as it brings you back to the present. Observe how you feel.

This kind of imagery can become an important part of your regular practice whether you are dealing with physical or emotional difficulties or simply the stress of everyday life.

Namaste. ❤

Article: The Power of Imagery by Nischala Devi

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