The Power of Imagery

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
May 7, 2013.

Imagery, our inner guidance, allows us to create and experience. It is the language of the mind. The mind speaks in images and then translates those images into words. When we listen to words or concepts, we interpret them in ways we are familiar with or that we can understand.

We can practice positive imagery as a means to allow the mind and body to mobilize all available resources that assist in the healing process, creating an intention that brings about positive physiological and psychological responses, such as lowering of blood pressure, boosting of immune function, clarity of mind, calming of brain waves, decreased heart rate, production of a feeling of well-being.

Through positive mental imagery, signals are sent to the body to help repair and sustain energy.

Imagery relates to us in action, words, or thoughts. When we set an intention, it places a positive or negative energy charge on each thought or action. Imagery can be as simple as making plans, preparing to-do lists, setting goals. Any of these actions can be positive or negative.

When I ask a group of people if they do imagery, usually about one third will raise their hands. When I ask how many worry, there is laughter and all the hands fly into the air. How many of us realize that we are constantly doing imagery?

Worry and anxiety are examples of very powerful negative imagery that can cause great problems. When we worry, we are imagining something that could happen. Many of us do this type of imagery all too frequently and all too well. Sometimes the results come just as we imagined, but mostly they don’t happen at all.

Even if the event does not occur, our bodies still produce the same physiological responses as if it did: increase of blood pressure, agitation of brain waves, secretion of adrenaline, platelets, and bile, increased heart rate, lowered immune function. Our bodies react as if the event actually happened. We could say just thinking makes it so.

Positive imagery allows us to accomplish goals that aid in making our lives more meaningful and productive. But a worrying thought consumes us and overpowers any positive thoughts that try to come in. How powerful negative imagery can be! Turn that same power into positive imagery and watch your life improve.

Namaste. ❤

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