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by Nischala Joy Devi.
June 5, 2013.

Taking a deep breath is like combing the energy all around us. When we first awaken in the morning and go to the mirror, our hair may be sticking out in all directions. We all learned early in life to take a comb or brush and smooth it down, allowing the hairs to go more or less in the same direction. Then we feel satisfied and look and feel a little more in control (at least of our hair!). Breathing practices do the same thing with our energy field. We align and “comb” the energy; it becomes smoother, calmer, and more focused. The focused energy becomes like a magnet, attracting like polarities to us.

In a plain piece of metal, all the molecules are facing different directions in chaos. A magnet is a piece of metal in which all the molecules are perfectly aligned—the north poles facing one way and the south poles facing in the opposite direction. If you stroke the two pieces together in one direction only, the magnet will drag all the other molecules in the plain metal into alignment with itself, causing a second magnet to emerge.

When we do the yogic breathing practices right before meditation or an important task, it encourages all the five bodies to form an alignment. This alignment results in the energy, mind, and wisdom being able to focus and act as one.

Consciously withdrawing and redirecting this prana (energy), the mind becomes focused and bright.

A smart and successful young lawyer was working at the Los Angeles County public defender’s office. This is a stressful job even at the best of times. He invited me to visit and see how our justice department functions. After a less-than-inspiring tour of the jail and courthouse, we went to his office for a cup of herbal tea. While sipping the tea I noticed that his wall was covered with awards and plaques, honoring him for outstanding service and courtesy. This represented quite an array of accomplishments for such a young man. He then pointed out that the awards were not only from the public defender’s office but also from the opposition, the District Attorney’s Office. How could that be? Why would the opposition give an award to the rival? On TV we see that, even if they are the best of friends outside, in the courtroom they are adversaries.

He saw me looking at the awards with a puzzled look. “Do you want to know my method?” he asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“Yes, tell us!”

“Well,” he began slowly, “I usually go into the court room a little bit earlier than everybody else. As the other lawyers come in, they immediately start to bicker with one another. The fighting starts before the court is in session. I sit quietly on one of the benches toward the back. As inconspicuously as possible, I do alternate nostril breathing. This helps me clear my energy and center my mind. When it is time to try the case, I am ready to deal with the facts and not the personalities of my fellow attorneys. I win most of the time.”

That’s a perfect example of centered energy in action. You can do it, too, and very easily. Take even a minute or two before something that’s potentially stressful to do some quiet, slow deep breathing or alternate nostril breathing. Just as you prepare for the event by combing your hair, take a moment to “comb” your energy. You’ll see that it makes a big difference.

Namaste. ❤

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