Chakras and Colors

Mar 26, 2013 | blog, Featured | 2 comments

by Nischala Joy Devi.
March 26, 2013.

Of the many books and theories of chakras, very few agree on the chakras’ characteristics. While most agree that they do exist in the subtle, it’s from each individual’s own vibrational field and from where we perceive that we define them.

One of the confusing points for many is: What are the colors? Some say there is an internal and, also, an external color. It depends on how they are perceived with the physical eye and how they are perceived with the inner eye. Also, the more balanced someone’s chakras are the more easily the true colors show.

In essence, the chakras themselves do not have a definite color. Instead, we could say that each of the chakras vibrates at a certain frequency and emits a unique color.

The first chakra is the most earth-bound; it therefore vibrates at a certain rate that produces the hue of the strongest color wavelength: Red. When we get all the way to the ajna—the eyebrow point—we see shorter, thinner vibratory rays that correspond to the vibrations emitting the color violet—the opposite end of the spectrum.

We can tell the health and balance of a chakra according to the intensity of color. If the color is muddy it is not as healthy as when the color is clear and vibrant.

When we do imagery with each of the chakras, I suggest using an image of something with a very clear color, never something muddy or dull. This kind of imagery helps clarify and balance the chakras. That balance brings the body, mind, emotions and heart into harmony.

Don’t get stuck in trying to identify colors and shapes of the chakras. Focus on the meditation, imagery and other practices that bring you more into a place of calm, peacefulness and vibrant health. The chakras will all shine nicely then.

When all the chakras are aligned in equanimity that is what we call yoga—perfect balance.


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  1. Samantha

    I agree. Some chakra systems don’t even use a colour system at all

  2. Tim

    Helpful. Good article providing
    clarity on the colors of chakra.
    Thank you!

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