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by Nischala Joy Devi.
January 19, 2015.

Our own breath provides a beautiful meditation. When we observe the breath, we begin to join the outer world with the inner world. As the waves gently come onto the earth and return to the sea, so our breath enters the body and then returns to the world.

Our breath naturally flows in and out about 16 times a minute—back and forth, in and out, gently and evenly. We often use the word “inspiration” to mean something that comes to us from a higher place. To inspire is also to breathe in. To expire is to leave the body, to let go and to exhale.

The rhythm of the breath is a wonderful and relaxing way to engage the mind. Many of us have sat for hours listening and watching the waves crash on the shore. Every day we have the opportunity to observe the body’s tide—the breath, which affirms life as it comes in and encourages us to let go and trust as it leaves. We can observe the coolness of the breath as it comes into the body and the warmth as it goes out again. We can experience the expansion and contraction, how the entire body seems to move in unison with breath. We draw in from the world with the inhalation; and, on the exhalation, we return a little bit of ourselves to the world.

As we sit quietly observing the breath we feel oneness with the entire creation. We breathe the breath of every living thing. Rich or poor, good or bad, the breath comes in and out. You may find that judgment begins to fade and is replaced by openness and acceptance of the perfection of life’s flow. This connects you with the rhythm of your own heart, a flow with the ocean of life continue to focus on the rhythm of the breath

A nice addition to the breath meditation is to observe the sound the breath makes on its inward and outward journey as you observe the breath. Listen can you hear the sound as the air comes into the nostrils? Listen closely to the sound as you exhale. Do they sound different? You may hear a slight hiss or even the sound “So”as the breath enters and a slight humming sound, “Hum”, as it leaves. Listen to the sounds as the breath enters and leaves. Observe the feeling of the breath as you hear the sound.

This simple and subtle meditation practice can bring a profound sense of calm and peace with the world.

Namaste. ❤

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