Balancing the Chakras

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
April 30, 2013.

When you experience something like a wedding or take another uplifting, joyous, major step in your life it brings your awareness into the higher chakras. When you experience something that’s focused on a higher chakra, when you’re in that consciousness, you might not identify it. You’re just feeling it. When it’s over or it starts to change, we notice it again. We all have times when we experience this.

So, when we talk about someone being a spiritual being, please don’t think it is just one or two or ten people on this earth. We’re all spiritual beings. But we limit ourselves by thinking that we’re not spiritual beings. If you walk around focusing on your crown chakra or your heart chakra, you experience this incredible expansion. If you experience it day in and day out you don’t think about it anymore because you’re just in it. But, then, when you start to drive on the freeway you have to move the focus and change to another chakra; because it’s really hard to drive on the freeway with your heart chakra still open. That’s when we go back to the muladhara, the base chakra. At such times we need to be grounded.

I don’t know how many of you have experienced going from a yoga class or a meditation and having to get back in your car and have to think through the practical steps, such as “The key goes in here.” You really have to work at it sometimes because you’ve expanded from that down-to-earth space. Both states of being are important.

When Swami Satchidananda walked into a room and everyone sent him that love, he entered the room with an already expanded heart chakra. So, he felt the love; but it was not such an extreme change for him. But, even a great master cannot walk around like that all the time. He or she must also operate on a very human level. There are still things that have to be done on a human level as long as we’re in these bodies–eating, bathing, taking care of so many aspects of daily life.

Yes, the heart chakra is so wonderful, but there are times when we must bring that energy downward to do another job. We can’t digest our food properly if our focus while eating is all in the heart chakra. Heart chakras don’t digest food. It’s the same with all of us. You may have a heart chakra experience, but then you need to get the energy for other events by focusing in a different place.

It’s not just the prana; it’s the apana. The earth movement has to happen. When our focus can move among the chakras this way, that’s what we call a balanced person.

Namaste. ❤

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