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by Nischala Joy Devi.
June 19, 2013.

Women are graced with what is often referred to as the “womb heart.” It relates to the “beating heart” through intuition and feelings. This legacy of love is so powerful that it is able to sustain a new life. The beating heart and the womb heart each hold the sacred essence of consciousness. The capacity of our “beating” heart expands greatly as we experience infinite love; the overflow feeds us and others.

To my joy, I found one ancient attempt in the Old Testament of the Bible to express the Divine as Hiranya Garbha or the Golden Womb, the source of all beings that resides within each heart.

For many women, when the womb heart begins its metamorphosis to embrace a new life, the beating heart’s capacity for love and devotion begins to expand. An expectant mother now experiences three parts within her: her beating heart, her womb heart, and the new soul’s heart within her womb. Three pools of Divine love. Is it any wonder we feel radiance emanating from an expectant mother? Everyone is drawn to her, with all three of her hearts active; she is directly sourcing Divine love.

When it comes to love and devotion, motherhood holds the secret. Even those of us who have never physically given birth have within us the capacity and intuitive preparation for nurturing. All too often, in place of our heart’s song, we listen to the intellectual values of our society cloaking our intuitive power. With grace, we can embrace both aspects, allowing the love and devotion to be channeled into the foundation of our lives.

One of the most sincere ways devotion can be expressed is through prayer. Try to remember a time when you absentmindedly repeated a prayer in your chosen place of worship. The words were being said, but they were probably being recited by the mouth, not the heart. For prayer to reach its full power, the heart must be the main speaker.

Sutra 1.23 Boundless love and devotion unite us with the Divine consciousness.

A Guided Meditation: Experience the Rhythm of Your Two Hearts

In a quiet room, sit or lie comfortably. Choose a simple chant or prayer that touches your heart in a very deep way.

Place one hand on your beating heart and the other on your womb heart. (Even if your physical womb is not there, the energy can be summoned.)

With deep breaths say the prayer aloud or silently.

Notice if the energy of each heart area has a different quality.

As the breathing and chanting continue, can you feel a balance of energy between the two?

With the balance, experience the flow of love you feel for your own child or loved one.

Then slowly continue to expand that love to others as it eventually embraces all.

Stay resting in that balance for as long as you like.

You can come to this practice any time during the day when you discover you are missing that feeling of love. This allows you to embrace the Divine in everyday life.

Namaste. ❤

❤ from The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras by Nischala Joy Devi

Article – Bhakti: The Heartfelt Path

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