Your Creative, Positive Imagination

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
August 6, 2014

Imagination is the third Ray of consciousness. When it is illuminated, it becomes the path leading us to and from our heart’s center.

Imagination allows us to create an unlimited number of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. An image is felt, and from that a thought, a word, or an action sprouts. When it is bathed in negative imagination, the image can have an unsettling effect. For instance, worry is the most prevalent form of imagination for many people. All of us have been frightened by something that appeared to be there only to later discover that it was not a threat to us or to our loved ones. Do you easily reach for the worst-case scenario? When the imagination goes so far out, it takes immense effort to bring the mind and the emotions back to calm.

Perhaps, taking a pleasant stroll to the mailbox, you find an unpleasant surprise: a letter from the IRS. Likely your whole body goes into a stress response, terrified that you are being audited or owe money. In an instant, you are trying to figure out where you can borrow the money. The envelope is not even opened yet! Holding your breath, you open it—and an instant smile of happiness travels from your face to your whole body. It is a refund and a big one at that! Worry and negative imagination led you to anticipate the worst. When that was far from the reality.

Such an immediate and transforming reaction affecting the whole body is one of the reasons imagination and imagery have become very powerful tools for healing. A positive image can elevate us and support us to heal. The opposite can cause many physiological systems to malfunction and cause disease.

Take the Time to Daydream

Daydreaming is another form of imagination. Although it is usually thought to be a waste of time, science is now finding that it actually provides a mini vacation. I was always scolded in school for daydreaming and wasting time. Who would think that I now teach that very skill to people to help them heal! Every great individual—thinker, artist, musician, gardener, cook, mother, or anyone else—uses imagination as a way of setting the creative process in motion. What looks like a daydream is in fact your most productive moment. It is in your power to formulate pleasant or unpleasant experiences.

Experiencing Your Creative, Positive Imagination

How keen is your imagination? Do you imagine the absolute best for yourself?

Write down your hopes and dreams as an affirmation to help solidify them on the physical plane.

Your imagination is infinite; use it lavishly to the smallest detail.

If you are experiencing a physical or emotional imbalance, use your imagination to create the affirmation that will allow you to see yourself whole and healthy.

Engage all of your senses as part of the affirmation. The more real it seems to you, the more likely it is to become real.

Each day recite and experience your affirmation as it enhances the new image you have created of yourself.

Practice this with any and all aspects of your life.

Namaste. ❤

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