The Pure Crystal of Your True Self

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
June 11, 2013.

A great and mighty queen once granted an audience to a man who immediately began to ridicule the queen’s way of governing the country. After a polite amount of time, she began to speak, interrupting his rant. “How would you react,” she said with kindness, “if you brought me an enormous basket of the finest fruits and I said, ‘No thank you. I am not interested in keeping your gift.’?” A bit startled, the man stammered, “It would distress me to think that you did not like my gift, but I would take back the basket of fruits and leave.”

“Very well,” said the queen, calmly. “You have brought me a large basket of insults. Please take them away as I do not wish to accept your offering.”

The queen took refuge in her true essence, remaining tranquil and secure even while the insults attempted to unsettle and disturb her. Each of us, like that queen, encounters people and situations that try to coax us from the truth of knowing who we are. When we embrace the ever-present truth of our True Nature, we are free to live in joy within the constantly changing reality.

Yoga Sutra 1:41: As a naturally pure crystal appears to take the color of everything around it yet remains unchanged, the yogi’s heart remains pure and unaffected by its surroundings while attaining a state of oneness with all. This is Samadhi.

Experiencing the Heart as a Pure Crystal

Sit quietly and, with focused awareness, imagine your heart as a pure crystal.

Appreciate its clear, reflective quality.

Now begin to remember a situation or emotion. If possible, place a color value on how it feels. (If it made you angry, for instance, it might reflect red.)

Slowly bring the situation or emotion, reflected in the color, near the pure crystal of your heart.

Notice if the crystal is affected by the color. Is the heart affected by the situation? Do your feelings release a color?

Observe whether the mind and emotions engage and support the situation or the clarity of the heart crystal.

Now, with great care, remove the situation and the color from the crystal’s reflection.

Does the heart crystal hold any of the color or has it stayed true to its pure and reflective nature?

Use this frequently to remember your true divine nature.

Namaste. ❤

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