The Meaning of Life and the Meaning of Namaste

Mar 29, 2018 | Articles, blog, Featured | 2 comments


Nicolae Tanase: Nischala devi, what is the meaning of life?

Nischala Joy Devi: The question “What is the meaning of life?” morphs into “what brings meaning to life?”

Life seems more meaningful when we embrace love and joy, in every moment.

We are all searching for something to bring us meaning. Perhaps, when we become still, we remember it is all within.

By directing our first conscious thought in the early morning and supplanting the last one at night with love and joy, the question “what is the meaning of life”, becomes moot. When light dawns within us, and we are able to extend it outward to embraces others the reason for our existence is revealed.

Life often seems meaningless if our hearts are closed to the joy and love which emanates from each plant, animal and human being. Let’s look past the shadows and wrinkles on an old face to the sparkling eyes, or overlook the wrongdoings and thoughtless words of others, remembering we are all the essence of Divine light and love.

If our own expectations are thwarted yet we hold firm, we may miss the possible bounty awaiting us in the next moment.

A wise friend once offered me this advice on how to view our world in order to keep wonder and joy alive.

These are three simple words in the English language that when put into action bring us closer or further away from joy.

The First is the word — NO

Using NO liberally we play it safe in life, not taking many risks or turns. We are safely cocooned in our belief system. Our sense of adventure heeds to caution. Our world is contained and manageable. Adventure is supplanted by safety.

The next is YES

Sprinkling our life with YES, is not as safe as NO, but allows the sense of adventure to spring forth, bringing us new experiences often pleasant, sometimes not. We are open to meeting new people and visiting unfamiliar places and situations, often very different from our previous experiences. This expansion allows us to feel lighter and more joyful.

And the best is WOW

WOW-Restores our sense of wonder. Like the openness and innocence of a child experiencing snowflakes for the first time. When used freely, WOW opens us to gratitude and a sense of amazement revealing a world of new ideas, adventures and a communion with people and things, normally not in our realm.

By focusing on joy, we are fortified during the times of discontent, instead we embrace the harmonious meaning of life at every turn

We then experience the meaning of Namaste,

“When I am that place of oneness, and you are in that place of oneness, we are ONE.”

That to me is the “meaning of life”.


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  1. Diane Agnello

    Dearest Nischala
    All blessings to you this morning
    Thank you for sharing and guiding our hearts back to oneness and Joy.
    I recalled this morning you saying,” the longest journey we will make is from our minds to our heart” you continue to be the guide back to mine.
    With gratitude and love,

  2. Frances/Veena

    Thank you , Nischala
    real food for thought.
    I’ll remember
    each day from now on.
    Om Shanti

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