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by Nischala Joy Devi.
July 10, 2013.

When we are choosing tools for work or play, we must take the time to select the correct size, shape, texture, and level of use. I may like the look and feel of advanced skis; yet, if I am a beginner, the skis designed for beginners suit me best. When selecting food for a special meal, we prefer food that is tasty as well as nutritious.

It is with that same consciousness that we embrace a meditation technique. Today, there are many great techniques to choose from. The goal of any technique is to keep the mind engaged and focused until it becomes still.

In selecting an object of concentration or meditation there are two criteria.

The first criterion is that it allows you to be both uplifted and inspired by just thinking about it. From there you can choose almost anything you wish. It can be a place or part of nature. Perhaps you remember a time you stood transfixed looking at the sunset so taken by its beauty; or, you were sitting in front of a roaring fire, captured by its warmth and gradients. Perhaps it’s inspiring to remember a great soul you admire. Let it be something that has qualities to enhance your character and well-being when you meditate on it long enough.

The second criterion is that you love it. Select something that makes you feel happy. When you pick a meditation technique that you love, the result is that you use it more and focus on it with greater concentration.

Many of us have had the experience of falling in love. When that first happens, our whole world and attention are geared to that one person—all of our senses, our thoughts are with them; and just thinking about them uplifts us and makes us happy. Imagine you’re in airport waiting for that special person you love so much. As you stand there, waiting for the aircraft to come in, your feet might hurt a little bit; but the moment you see your sweetheart it’s as if all that energy comes out of your feet, moves through your body, and leaps out through your heart. Most of us have had that experience at some time in our lives.

The experience of meditation may not be so dramatic, but our true love of our spiritual practice keeps us focused and eager to continue the meditation. With time and practice, the centers of higher consciousness in our hearts and minds open and allow us to feel and know the higher truths.

Namaste. ❤

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