Meditation on the Swadhisthana Chakra

Apr 7, 2020 | Audio, Chakra Meditations, Featured | 3 comments


When I am in the place of love and oneness, I am creative and embrace loving relationships.

The Swadhisthana Chakra reflects the water element. We are reminded that life ebbs and flows. It guides us in creativity and in our relationships with others. Meditating on this Chakra reminds us that in these times of isolation to find creative ways to continue our connection with others in a safe environment.


Theses chakra meditations are offered from Abundant Well Being from The Namaste Effect, by Nischala Joy Devi

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  1. Wolf, Eckhard (Krishnaraj)

    Dear Nischala,
    thank you that you allow me/us to reconnect with your loving soul that speaks through your voice. It helps me to come back stronger into my own heart again. Though this meditation wasn`t about the heart, I had this experience. Your heart chakra seems to be your strong point that radiates

    Thank you for the gift of this meditation on the swadhistana chakra 7th of april 2020

  2. Lavinia Goodger

    Thank you for this experience. It was most relaxing and beneficial.

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