Meditation on the Seven Mystical Chakras

May 18, 2020 | Chakra Meditations, Videos | 3 comments

This Chakra Meditation is to balance and empower all the Seven Mystical Chakras for our health, well-being and ultimate realization of the self.

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  1. Kathleen King

    Thank you. This was quite inspiring and centering.

  2. Karusia Nirmala Wroblewski

    I love this beautiful meditation, and never tire of listening to it. “Let the physical body soften, and let the subtle body come forward. Let it shine….” Combined with Nischala’s beautiful voice and presence, plus hand mudras and bija mantras, this is a little piece of samadhi heaven.

  3. Laurie Clarke

    Dearest Nischala, I took your Yoga of the Heart training in Florida in 2002, was on retreat with you in your beautiful home in Mexico, and ultimately traveled to India with you in 2008. You have been my guiding light ever since I first met you. Thank you so much for the gift of these meditations. I have shared them with my students, and it has helped us to endure our necessary separation right now. I pray that you and Bhaskar are healthy and safe. Love and Namaste, Laurie

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