Breath Meditation: See the World in a Different Way

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by Nischala Joy Devi.
April 29, 2014.

Here is a simple meditation, using your breath. Breath meditation is wonderful to help center and balance and reestablish calm on a busy day.To begin, sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair that supports you well.

Observe your posture. Just thinking about meditation, your back will straighten and your shoulders and arms will come into a comfortable position. Allow your eyes to remain open and unfocused or gently close them. Take in a few deep breaths and let each one out slowly. Now, allow your breath to return to normal, easy and gentle. Observe it as it slowly flows in and out of the nostrils without hesitation or strain–life affirming breath.

Notice any temperature change at the nostrils. As the breath comes in, it is slightly cool; and, as the air leaves, it is slightly warm. Observe the coolness and the warmth as it comes and goes. The in-breath continues down into the lungs and causes the chest to expand. Observe your belly as it moves in and out. Just observe, don’t control the breath in any way. Observe the flowing in and the flowing out, like the tide, like the gentle waves coming onto the shore, without any hesitation. It comes in and gently rolls out. As you draw the breath into your body from the outer world, feel it expand. Then, as you send your warm breath back into the world, the body contracts slightly. The abdomen and the chest release and relax. Allow the mind to focus gently on the movement of the breath.

The whole body seems to move in rhythm with the breath. Continue to observe the natural flow of breath without force or control.

If the mind begins to wander from the breath, gently bring it back to the flow, in and out. Notice how the rest of the body feels. Is there tension? If you start to lose the sensitivity of the breath, breathe in a little bit deeper. Feel that coolness and alternating warmth once again.

Notice any outward sounds that might seem further away as you draw inward.

You might even observe a slight smile coming to your face as the body and mind relax and touch that place within you of peace and calmness.

Observe the stillness of the breath. Observe the stillness of the mind. Observe the relationship between the two.

When you are ready to come out of the meditation, slowly begin to increase the inhalation, allowing the outside world to enter your inside world. With each exhalation send a message of Peace to all. Allow your eyes to open halfway and see the world in a slightly different way.

Namaste ❤

❤ Article: Learning From Your Breath by Nischala Joy Devi

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