Remembering the Joy: A Women’s Retreat

Experience the fullness of your feminine nature as we retreat into the depth of intuition, quiet practice, lively sharings and joyous self expression. Let’s explore how we, as women, have the power to use each moment of our daily and spiritual lives to reflect our authentic self. Learn to invoke the presence of the heart in daily rituals, the scriptures and the physical practices of Yoga.

During this program we will explore:

  • Special meditations to touch and expand the heart
  • Expressive movement designed to bring forth the goddess within
  • Sutras from and for a women’s perspective
  • The art of spiritualizing each action in our lives
  • Finding and moving to our own inner rhythms
  • How much we are defined by the ancient ways and rituals

    Commune with other women who share the same vision. Give yourself the gift of knowing the depth of your own heart and the wisdom that unveils. Go home with a deeper capacity to love yourself and others, awakened creativity and the inspiration to follow your heart’s song.