Healing Relationshipsâ„¢
Knowledge can make you a therapist -Intuition will make you a healer.

Recognizing the difference between intellectual knowledge and a deeper intuitive experiential understanding, this workshop will be devoted to focusing on the primary importance of the healing relationshipâ„¢ between therapist and client, the most essential ingredient: human connection. Through lecture, practice and discussion, we will delve into the essential teaching of Yoga to acknowledge the individual clients essence and mind-body-spirit consciousness, while increasing awareness of your own deeper intuitive wisdom. This workshop will help you develop, inform and refine your intuitive skills to support healing on a deeper level.

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Healing Relationshipsâ„¢ Certification Training

Wisdom makes us therapists, Intuition makes us Healers

Nischala Joy Devi

30 hour Program

Patients are treated by presecriptions of medicine, movement or mind but they are healed by people. The work of being a healer is a path of the heart. This course will explore the concepts of dis-ease, healing and healers through the lens of Yogic philosophy including the teachings of the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.

Through an in-depth coverage of the maya koshas, chakras, kleshas and gunas students will gain insight and understanding of the client as a multidimensional being learning how mind, emotion and body inter-relate to cause dis-ease as well as promote healing on Yoga Teachers and other healers will learn how to better serve their clients and patients as well as more effectively communicate and work with a patient’s family members and the medical community. Through expanded skills, wisdom and compassion students will be able to provide support across a broad array of situations relating to health, dis-ease

Upon completion of this course students will:

  • Know how to do a client intake with proper evaluation and assessment skills
  • Develop compassionate listening, proper communication, adept observation and appropriate touch skills
  • Develop necessary counseling skills and learn how to create a proper clinical environment
  • Understand how to interface professionally with the medical community
  • Be able to assemble and prescribe the components of an individualized holistic treatment plan including meditations, visualizations, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, journaling and other lifestyle modifications
  • Know how to form and keep appropriate boundaries and how to protect oneself from negative energies.

Course Syllabus-

  1. Addressing the Individual client as a multidimensional being
  2. What is Healing and Disease
  3. Counseling Skills. Evaluation and Assessment: Communication is the Key
  4. The Components of Individualised Holistic Treatment Plans
  5. Interfacing with the Medical Community
  6. Death and Dying

Required Textbook: The Secret Power of Yoga, Nischala Joy Devi

The Healing Path of Yoga, Nischala Joy Devi